The environmental approach

Since its creation, the Camping du Moulin*** has attached a great importance to the respect of the environment. The campsite has got the label “Clef Verte” since the 25th of November 2014.

For us, for you and for the future generations, the campsite has been adapted in order to minimize the impact on the environment and each day tries to encourage people to adopt environmentally-friendly behaviors that allow everybody to protect the planet.

General environmental policy

  • The majority of our pitches is dedicated to traditional campsite.
  • The green areas are important (about 1/3 of the superfine of the campsite is classified wooded zone) and we attach importance to the plantation of local plant species.
  • We don’t use any pesticides or chemical fertilizers for green areas maintenance.
  • Maintenance products for the sanitary facilities and other buildings are 100% of the vegetable origin and biodegradable, certified Ecocert.
  • We have chosen eco-designed mobil-homes made in wood (60% from which 90% come from eco-managed forests). They are recyclable at 95% and the constructer is engaged for the deconstruction towards Eco Mobil-Home.
  • In order to manage the energy and water consumption, we check the meters each month.

Water management

  • In the sanitary facilities, we have installed water flow-reducing attachments for faucets and showerheads to reduce water use.
  • In the mobil-homes, faucets are equipped with water flow-reducing attachments and flushes have got a dual discharge system.
  • We water the green areas reasonably, only early in the morning of after the sunset. We use drip system for watering.

Waste treatment

  • We have got a local for waste with specific containers for waste sorting: household waste, recycling waste, paper and glass.
  • We collect the batteries at the reception desk.
  • Our locations are equipped with different waste bags for waste sorting.
  • There is an area for the compost in the wooded zone (vegetables, peelings…)
  • At your arrival, we give a guide for waste sorting.
  • We propose you to send you your bill by email (and not print it) to limit the consumption of paper and toner.

Energy management

  • The campsite  has got motion detectors in order to manage the consumptions.
  • All our mobil-homes have got energy-saving lamps (7W).
  • In our buildings, we ensure that ancient lamps are replaced by economic ones. The washing machine has got the label ENERGY STAR® has a better energy class (guarantee of quality – an economy of 44% of water).
  • Most of our household electrical appliances are A or A +.

The discovery of the environment

  • The campsite is situated in a preserved and natural environment (wooded zone, river…) and we are very pleased to inform you about the different activities to do in the natural surroundings.
  • The GRP® of the Sèvre Nantaise River is a beautiful path which is possible to join from the campsite passing by the wooded zone. Beautiful sceneries guaranteed.
  • The path is also the starting point of playful circuit called the “Piste aux Empreintes” with a main topic concerning animals.
  • A folder with all the different walking paths and bicycle tours are available at the reception.
  • Two canoe-kayak clubs are situated at less than 5 kilometers of the campsite and propose canoe or kayak locations. Their flyers are available at the reception.

Thank you for helping us:

  • attaching importance to water and electricity consumption,
  • sorting your waste,
  • respecting green areas,
  • using soft modes of transport (on foot, by bike) for shopping or visiting close to the campsite.

Guide for waste sorting

Download the guide for waste sorting